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Do you feel the change?

For generations, we have believed that we live disconnected from our planet and that nature needs to be dominated but times are changing.  As our lives become busier and we desire more, information has become easily accessible. We are increasingly interconnected through social media and have the opportunity to share ideas and challenge our own.  As such, we are slowly waking up to the realisation that we have been blinded by our brilliance, ignorance, greed and ego for far too long and now need to work hard together and with our natural world for a viable future.


One thing is surely understood; our planet is slowly changing and as residents here and as a constant and true reflection of the environment, humans are too.  We see a rise in inflammatory conditions, auto immune diseases and cancers of our bodies and an unsettling of our minds and behaviours.  Depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, suicide, alcohol, drug and eating disorders are on the increase and the use of anti-depressants is soaring. But how can we help ourselves?


Ayurveda realises absolutely everything as one big moving, dancing, evolving energy.  It encourages us to take our body, diet, lifestyle, environment and future back into our own hands.  To start change in our own back yard. To realise that we may have many of the answers for ourselves within ourselves. To understand that we are truly amazing creatures. Let us remember, we managed to magically grow ourselves from a foetus: what else may we be capable of?


Why Fig Tree Ayurveda?

It is always best to shop around when looking for your ayurvedic practitioner.  Call us all and have a chat! 

Get a feel for us as individuals and how we each work.  Unlike many modern healthcare systems, ayurveda is unique to everyone including practitioners.  Although working from the same principles, we will naturally come from our own perception and so may offer different things to different people at different times of their journey.

I am Lynne, a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner & Nutritionist,

reiki therapist and yoga teacher 

I believe the key to healing is knowledge of the self and my hope and wish is to empower my clients to learn, understand and implement this knowledge into their daily lives.  Using the time-honoured proven tools of ayurveda we work together to find answers to their inner most questions, work out what makes them thrive, what makes them sick and how they can achieve a good balance in modern life with all its peaks and troughs.


I am dedicated to creating a confidential, trusted, safe space for my clients to learn, heal, grow and blossom.

Lynne Ford from Fig Tree Ayurveda Rochester Kent
Why Fig Tree Ayurveda?
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The future of Fig Tree Ayurveda

Like most people, I am continually interested in exploring more sustainable ways a of living and working.  Due to the origins of ayurveda many of the traditional herbs used for its treatment are grown and harvested in Asia.   However, living and practising mainly in the UK I sometimes feel a lack of connection to the origin of the herbs by the time I receive them and so am increasingly looking towards working with locally grown plants where possible.


Like all other species on this earth, plants have a unique make up and so herbs native to the UK may offer differing benefits to those cultivated in Asia but the principles of ayurveda allows us ways of understanding them effectively.  I believe with continued research and study there is a hopeful future for ayurvedic herbs to thrive here in the UK. 


I also work with others in the community to create a better understanding of ayurveda offering workshops, group meetings and talks.  If you are interested in collaborating, I would love to hear from you.

The future of Fig Tree Ayurveda
Are you an ayurvedic practitioner?

Are you an ayurvedic practitioner?

As ayurvedic practitioners we all know the importance of our continued research and development.  We know there is always more to learn from this amazing science and so regular reflection and study of the ancient Sanskrit Vedic texts is essential.


Thanks to the power of the web we currently have group members from seven countries and three continents and regularly meet twice a month to translate, digest and discuss the Ashtanga Hridayam as it continues to serve as a root source for ayurvedic philosophy, protocol and all aspects of health and healing.


If you are an ayurvedic practitioner and would like to meet, debate and share (for free) with others, please come join our lively discussion group.  

Used Books

My journey with ayurveda and yoga

In my own experience, I have met very few Ayurvedic professional that didn’t start their journey with Ayurveda through themselves.  Perhaps, like most things, this is the best place to start.  Previous to becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga teacher, I had qualified as an Interior Architect, spent time in TV and film, enjoyed many years as an event production designer and finally settled working in international tour management where I stayed for 20 years.  Through my twenties, I enjoyed travelling extensively around the world moving from gig to gig; arena to airport to hotel and back again and always, wherever possible, making the most of the local colour, cuisine and culture. 

I was living the dream!


In my thirties, I met my husband and when our two wonderful daughters arrived life evolved.  After being such an ambitious Freelancer for so many years it was difficult to slow down and enjoy my new life.  Travelling had been such a large, exciting part of my life but now it wrenched me away from my beautiful family and home.  Fortunately, my husband’s amazing capacity as a father and the flexibility of his career made it possible for me to continue trying to find the perfect balance; but it never came.  For years I juggled to make it work, but the guilt and sadness that I felt every time I left home became too intense.  Looking back, I really struggled during this time.  Slowly, an uneasiness grew inside me.  I began to feel unexplainably and increasingly tired, weak and emotional and after my first trip to the doctors in a lifetime was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. The prescriptions made no difference to my condition and so the dose was increased and increased until I eventually saw a consultant who informed me that I had Hashimotos Autoimmune Disease.  My dose continued to increase.  Before this time, I rarely took a paracetamol and now felt uncomfortable relying on my lifetime daily pill so on my next visit, I enquired how else I could help myself and how I would eventually come off the tablets. I was sadly told point-blank that this would never happen.

I decided I would seek an alternative answer.


We had recently gained a new Promoter for our shows throughout India and a big tour was looming.  After our huge show in the bustle of New Delhi, I decided to book myself into an Ayurvedic Hospital I had read extensively about, just outside of town and the rest, as they say, is history. It had an overwhelming effect and I fell deeply in love with the power of Ayurveda.  I had always been a keen yogi but soon become qualified as a teacher. At the same time, I began to self-study, attend workshops, conventions, retreats and learn as much as I could about Ayurveda. I qualified in anatomy and physiology and became a Reiki practitioner. As the meditation and the yoga became a bigger part of my life, my existing career became a smaller one and then one day I quit my job and made the commitment to go back to study full time.


Since graduating my clinic has gently flourished but I am forever a student of this beautiful subject. There is an inexhaustible amount of wisdom to be learnt from Ayurveda.  From repeatedly studying the Sanskrit original writings, from the innate understanding of the current leading Teachers, gurus and Yogis, from my friends, family and clients and from the intuition ever growing inside me. I hope to continue to share the gift of Ayurveda and gently empower each of my clients to know, love, listen and care for their mind and body both inside and out; just as I did. 

I believe this to be the true route to health and happiness.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Fig Tree Ayurveda.

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