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How can we help?

Free 15 minute call

Its always good to chat and ask questions before committing your time and money to something.   

Please get in touch to see how Fig Tree Ayurveda & Yoga can help you on your wellness journey.

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

90 minutes approx : £55.00

Ayurveda believes that we each have a unique make up, or ‘praktruti,' that we are an individual perfect balance of the body’s three fundamental energies or doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and that these doshas are in perfect balance with the laws of nature and - that these, in turn are in balance with the body, mind and soul.  During the consultation we will discuss all about you and depending on your physiologic type and these findings you may be prescribed:

Diet & nutritional advise

Lifestyle & exercise suggestions

Rest & relaxation methods

Meditation techniques

Yoga & breathing exercises

Natural herbs & oils

Ayurvedic therapy treatments

Rejuvenation programmes

Herbal remedies and oils are at an additional cost and usually start at approximately £10-£15 per herbal remedy

for a three week cycle.  Often a fine balance of several herbs may be needed but this varies accordingly

and we can of course, take your budget into account.

You won’t need to bring a thing, just yourself and an open heart. Together, we will gently empower you

to make small, manageable changes gradually bringing yourself back into balance in order to

obtain and retain your optimal health and happiness.

Further Ayurvedic Consultations

30 minutes approx : £30.00

Ayurvedic Therapies

Advised according to consultation

Weekly yoga classes

1 hour : price dependent on venue

One to One yoga practice

Duration and cost dependent on requirements

Reiki sessions

Duration and cost dependent on requirements

Ayurvedi Consultaton
Yoga classes
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