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Akshi Tarpana


According to requirements


Allow 60 minutes

About the treatment

Akshi tarpana is a gentle yet nourishing eye rejuvenation therapy unique to ayurveda. For this therapy a dough dam is created to hold a pool of warm medicated ghee for a set length of time allowing its warmth and pressure to deeply penetrate the delicate eye and eye socket area. The essential antioxidants of the ghee cleanse, soothe and strengthen the tissues, reducing inflammation and free radical damage often associated with eye disorders.

Our eyes allow us to make sense of the world. Not just from the information and shape, colour, light and depth we witness but also the focus, vision and potential it offers emotionally and spiritually. Our eyes are considered the ‘gateway to our soul.’ They are under constant performance pressure, strain and stress in order for us to see the world in all its colourful manifestations and so healthy vision is very rarely underestimated.

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This therapy can be effective as a one off revitalising and prevention treatment but is also recommended for eye disorders as a course alongside dietary and lifestyle suggestions.


Akshi tarpana has many benefits to include:

o Reduces pain and discomfort of the eye
o Helps eye disturbances
o Strengthens nerves and muscles of the eye
o Increases clarity of mind
o Reduces stress and anxiety
o Improves sleep
o Cleanses eyes removing dust from the cornea
o Helps lubricate and moisturises dry eyes
o Improves blurred vision
o Reduces burning, itching, inflammation and redness


Akshi tarpana is recommended for many disorders including:

o All eye imbalances
o Glaucoma
o Cataracts
o Allergies such as hay fever
o Dryness of eyes
o Multiple sclerosis
o Parkinson’s disease
o Dementia
o Chronic fatigue syndrome
o Psoriasis
o Eczema
o Acne
o Recurrent headaches and migraines
o Ulcerated colitis
o Stomach acidity or ulcers
o Recurrent conjunctivitis
o Head and neck nerve pain
o Facial palsy
o High pitta emotions such as anger, hate, fear


Akshi tarpana is not recommended under the following conditions:

• Low digestive fire (agni) or excessive toxins (ama)
• During pregnancy
• Whilst breastfeeding
• Whilst menstruating
• Active conjunctivitis
• Active headache or migraine
• Acute fever, chest or sinus congestion
• Open or bleeding wounds, healing scars or burns
• Less than 8 weeks after surgery to local area

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