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Karna Purana


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60 minutes

About the treatment

Karna purana is an effective and pacifying therapy for the ear. Like the eyes, nose and mouth; our ears are an important sense organs transmitting signals to our brain. They allow us the capacity to listen, capture, receive and accept subtle information from outside of us but can also provide an open window into the body for unwanted stress. When we are subjected to dry harsh winds, excess travel, noise pollutants or are over stimulated we sometimes suffer uneasiness, ringing in the ears or loss of hearing.

This therapy offers welcome relief as warm medicated oil is carefully poured into the delicate cavity of the ear canal and the subtle marma (vital energy points) of the face and ears are gently stimulated to allow the dry inner bones lubrication and remove impurities and energy blockages to improve hearing capacity and ease discomfort.

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This therapy can be effective as a one off revitalising and prevention treatment but is also recommended for ear and vata disorders as a course alongside dietary and lifestyle suggestions.


Karna purana has many benefits to include:

o Reducing pain and discomfort of the ears, neck and jaw
o Relaxing and grounding the body and mind
o Calming the mind and soothes the nervous system
o Aiding sleep


Karna purana is recommended for many disorders including:

o Ear imbalances
o Earaches and pains
o Tinnitus
o Vertigo
o Excess ear wax
o Palpitations
o Deafness
o Dizziness and vertigo
o Lock jaw
o Facial paralysis
o Neck and jaw aches and pains
o Dryness in ears, nose and throat
o Migraines and headaches
o Insomnia
o Lower back aches
o General body dryness
o Restlessness in the body
o All vata emotions


Karna purana is not recommended under the following conditions:

• Low digestive fire (agni) or excessive toxins (ama)
• During pregnancy
• Whilst breastfeeding
• Whilst menstruating
• Active or recent inner ear infections and aches
• Bleeding in the ear
• Active headache or migraine
• Acute fever, chest or sinus congestion
• Open or bleeding wounds, healing scars or burns
• Less than 8 weeks after surgery to local area

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