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45 minutes

About the treatment

Nasya is a simple but very effective therapy for many conditions in ayurveda, especially those located about the shoulders. The nose is the door to the head and our consciousness. It is where the essential prana enters our body and respiratory system to give us life and so keeping this pathway clear and free flowing is of utmost importance.

During this treatment, warm, specially chosen, therapeutic oils are slowly administered into the naval cavity and drawn down into the deep passages and membranes of the sinuses. Gentle rubbing of the marmas (vital energy points) encourages the release of accumulated toxins and help cleanse, purify and strengthen the nervous system to heal a wealth of underlying conditions.

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This therapy can be effective as a one off prevention treatment but is also recommended for many other disorders as a course alongside dietary and lifestyle suggestions.


Nasya has many benefits dependent on the type of nasya and the purpose it is intended for but overall, some of the benefits include:

o Lubricating, soothing and moistening nasal passages
o Relieving stagnant sinuses
o Releasing tension the head
o Soothing stress and anxiety


Nasya is recommended for many disorders including:

o Sinus and chest seasonal allergies
o Rhinitis
o Congestive eczema
o History of headaches or migraines
o Loss of smell and/or taste
o Head and neck problems
o Underactive thyroid
o Ovarian cysts or fibroids
o Gum diseases
o Earaches
o Premature wrinkling
o Sinusitis
o Facial palsy


Nasya is not recommended under the following conditions:

• Low digestive fire (agni) or excessive toxins (ama)
• During pregnancy
• Whilst breastfeeding
• Whilst menstruating
• History of nose bleeds
• Active headache or migraine
• Overactive thyroid
• High blood pressure
• Gastric ulcers
• Colitis or Chrones disease
• Heart burn or acidity
• Acute fever, chest or sinus congestion
• Internal bleeding
• Endometriosis
• Bleeding haemorrhoids
• Open or bleeding wounds, healing scars or burns in local area
• On an empty or full stomach

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