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According to requirements


Allow 60 minutes

About the treatment

Shirodhara treatment involves gently pouring warm, medicated oil over the forehead. The continuous and rhythmical stream is slowly swayed in specific patterns concentrating on the ‘Anja chakra;’ the centre of intuition and consciousness. Ayurveda considers this as its ‘King of Treatments’ as it induces a profound state of both relaxation and awareness resulting in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance of the body and mind. Shirodhara is tridoshic and exceptionally good for balancing vata.

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Shirodhara is made up from the two Sanskrit words of ‘shiro’ meaning ‘head’ and dhara meaning ‘flow’ and is considered a Bahya Snehana Therapy as it nourishes the senses of the mind and gives strength to the body. Sneha takes on many meanings such as ‘that which oils,’ ‘to be attached to’ and also ‘compassion, ’warmth’ and most notably ‘love.’

In Ayurveda, the human body is synonymous with an inverted tree. The lower half of the body and limbs are the branches, the middle is the trunk and the head of the body, the roots. Just as deep seated, strong and healthy roots of a tree anchor, hold and provide life and nourishment for the whole plant; it is understood that looking after our head is essential for our overall wellbeing and so this therapy is valued highly.

During the treatment, medicated and ambiently warmed oil, with all of its sneha essence, is gently and steadily poured from a copper vessel known as a ‘kumbha,’ creating a rhythmic, continuous and even stream.

The fullness of flow and the selection of the oil may depend on the purpose of the treatment, but the flow is always gently and slowly moved across the forehead and its centre point known as the ‘Sthapani marma’ point. Concentrating the vibrational energies of oil at this point, also known as the ‘Third eye’ or ‘Anja Chakra,’ induces a meditative experience and creates an overwhelming sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

There are other types of shirodhara that may be used according to the conditions treated. These include:
• Tailadhara – using herbal oils mixed with herbal extracts or essential oils
• Takradhara – using buttermilk infused with special herbs
• Ksheer dhara – using milk infused with herbs
• Kwathdhara – using decoctions made with different herbs
• Jala dhara – using infused waters


Shirodhara has many benefits to include:

o Lowering stress, anxiety and depression
o Aiding in regulating hormone fluctuations
o Activating intuition and heightening sense of mindfulness
o Boosting blood circulation
o Helping to reduce mind and body fatigue
o Improving concentration, mental fog and cognitive functioning
o Encouraging release of emotional blockages
o Helping with sleep rhythms
o Improving scalp, strengthening hair roots and enhancing hair quality


Shirodhara is recommended for many disorders including:

o Nervous system imbalances
o Stress related disorders
o Paralysis
o Palsy
o Insomnia or sleep problems
o Dementia
o High or low blood pressure
o Addiction or obsessive conditions
o Mania
o Scalp, hair or head imbalances
o Thyroid problems
o History of headaches, migraines
o Infertility


Shirodhara is not recommended under the following conditions;

• Low digestive fire (agni) or excessive toxins (ama)
• During pregnancy or breastfeeding
• During first two days of menstruation
• Acute fever, chest or sinus congestion
• Active headache or migraine
• Open or bleeding wounds, healing scars or burns
• Benign tumours in head or neck region
• After spending excess time in direct sunlight
• Directly after a heavy meal or when very hungry
• Less than 8 weeks after surgery

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