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60 minutes

About the treatment

Udvartana therapy is a dry, penetrating and invigoration full body massage using a specially prepared herbal paste or powder. Brisk strokes are used to create friction and heat in the body breaking down excess body fat, increasing circulation, decreasing lethargy, reducing fluid retention and releasing toxins. This treatment is used for an array of conditions but is highly recommended to support weight loss or detoxification programs alongside dietary and lifestyle suggestions. It is good for all doshas but particularly kapha.

A patch test is advised before treatment.

More information...

Udvartana can be translated as ‘to move something in an upward direction.’ This comes from the Sanskrit word ‘urdhwa’ meaning ‘upwards’ and ‘varthanam’ meaning ‘to move’ or ‘elevation.’ Unlike abhyanga, which is often performed by moving down the body, the practice of udvartana is given in an upward direction and so against the natural fall of the body hair to create stimulation.

The specially formulated powders used are dry in nature and hot in potency and contain nerve stimulating and nourishing agents. During the procedure, the deep pressure and friction of the heating massage allows the herbal essence to be absorbed and digested creating a liquifying action in the body increasing circulation of the blood and lymphatics. Thus, encouraging the interchange of tissue fluids, opening pores, removing blockages, stimulating the motor and sensory nerve endings and increasing metabolism.

Traditionally, udvartana may be suggested for some individuals as part of Dinacharya (daily practices) advised in ayurveda for maintaining optimal health. It can also be used as a Purvakarma (essential pre-treatment) for ayurvedic Panchakarma and is considered a kaphaharam and vatacharam therapy in which is destroys morbid kapha and vata.


Udvartana has many benefits to include:

o Effective as part of a weight loss program
o Helping rebalance lymphatic system aiding elimination of waste and toxins
o Stimulating circulation reducing cold and rigidity
o Giving a sense of lightness to the body
o Exfoliating and conditioning skin to give a softer, enhanced complexion
o Increasing tone and strength of muscles and mobility of joints


Udvartana is recommended for many disorders to include:

o Ama or toxins in the body
o Obesity and weight related problems
o Bloating, constipation
o High cholesterol
o Diabetes
o Hypothyroidism
o Weak circulation
o Lethargy, excessive sleep, heaviness, tiredness
o Fluid retention
o Lymphatic congestion
o Lymphedema
o Lymphatic benign cysts
o Candida
o Auto-immune problems
o Uterine fibroids
o Ovarian cysts
o Raynaud’s syndrome
o Low blood pressure
o Various veins


Udvartana is not recommended under the following conditions

• During pregnancy
• During menstruation
• During active headaches or migraine
• High blood pressure
• Excessive acidity or acid reflux
• Irritability
• Excess sweating
• Open or bleeding wounds, healing scars or burns
• Bleeding disorders or spontaneous bleeding
• Psoriasis
• After spending excess time in direct sunlight
• Directly after a heavy meal or when very hungry
• Less than 8 weeks after surgery

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